Lletra / Lyrics: From now on - Supertramp
From now on
Monday has come around again
I´m in the same old place
With the same old faces always watching me
Whe knows how long I´ll have to stay
Could be a hundred years
Of sweat and tears
At the rate that I get paid
Sometimes I slowly drift away
From all the dull routine
That´s with me every day
A fantasy will come to me
Diamonds are what I really need
Think I´ll rob a store, escape the law
And live in Italy
Lately my luck has been so bad
You know the roulette wheel´s
A crooked deal
I´m loosing all I had
Soon be like a man that´s on the run
And live from day to day
Never needing anyone
Play hide and seek
Throughout the week
My life is full of romance
Guess I´ll always have to be
Living in a fantasy
That´s the way it´s got to be
From now on
You think I´m crazy I can see
It´s you for you, and me for me
Living in a fantasy
From now on