Lletra / Lyrics: jean - wolfish
borned sixteen years ago between sun and monaco
he just said here I go, tried cars and rocked himself
hey people, here we go, Ask pourquoi? Just c´est ça!

Allez, allez, that Jonny is in the game
Comment ça va? Bien I´ll play it so hard
ça c´est fonvielle teach them to take it real
and just play it so hard

after seen many girls in his head there´s only a name
flying trought the hardcore lines found a place, a life to play
hey people, here we go, ask puor quoi? just c´est ça!

Alors, touts ensemble,
Chantez-vous cette chançon
Pour l´amour et la lune.
Dancer dans la mer
De la côte d´Azur
À la Tempête Du Midi.

it´s time to find a new way
it´s time to change the game

take time to listen my story
playing new tunes like a fresh air flurry
breaking molds, stereotypes
living on top , never stop
got a dream and he´s gonna fulfil it

It´s time to change your mind

don´t nag us or try to convince us
we don´t care, we don´t want your reasons
so you know we are the new crew
and we are going directly to you