Lletra / Lyrics: he wasn´t - Avril Lavigne
he wasn´t
Avril Lavigne
There´s not much going on today
I´m really bored it´s getting late
What happened to my Saturday
Monday´s coming the day I hate

Sit on the bed alone
Staring at the phone

He wasn´t what I wanted
What I thought, no
He wouldn´t even up the door
He never made me feel like I was special
He isn´t really what I´m lookin for

This is where I start to bite my nails
And clean my room when all else fails
I think it´s time for me to bail
This point of view is getting stale


Na, na, na, na, na
We all got choices
Na, na, na, na
We all got voices
Na, na, na, na, na
Stamd up make some noise
Na, na, na, na
Stand up make some noise

Chorus x2

Like I wasn´t special
´Cause i was special