Lletra / Lyrics: coming home - stratovarius
coming home
wake up in the morning so far away from home,
trying to make it through the day.
Many miles are between us, I´m sending my love from this payphone.
Through the storms we´ve wandered, many mountains we have climbed
but all the bad times are behind.
The road is free -
I´m coming Home.
Without you I am like a ship without it´s sails, calling the wind to save me.
I´d climb the highest mountain,
I´d cross the seven seas just to see your smile again.
All the trust that was built along the years is coming back to stay I know.
Just look ahead the road is free -
I´m coming Home.
With every step I´m closer to home, when I´m back you won´t be alone.
Soon I´ll see the familiar door before my eyes and you.