Lletra / Lyrics: home - Beth
Sit down inside yourself and pull up a pew
It´s time to tell the tale the point of which I´m coming to

Where have you come from and what are you trying to do?
How is it going out there and where are you heading to?

Oh, I see...you´re looking to evolve
Well if there´s one thing I´ve learned all this years on my own
is that we make our own way and can find our own way home...
Find our own way home

Preacher, preacher, I don´t believe the shit you´re selling me
That you can clear all our sins for a rather healthy fee
See I gave up on sin expectations, lies and conformity
Bypassed you got me a fixed line now which assures me I´m always free

So please take a look at yourself, leave me alone
I can make my own way and find
My own way home....my own way home...my own way home...

Citizens of earth we have a job to do,
And if you look deep within yourself
You´ll find this message to be true
We are here to live our highest dreams, here to create ourselves anew
Here to vibe this divine plan together
Here´s one we´ll make it true

But separation will keep us held down
As will this crippling untruth so take a flame from your heart let your truth be told
With it make you own way, find your own way home....
Your own way....find your own way home....

Find your own way home...